Atman hotel is an India inspired boutique hotel located along the Coronado Strand in the beautiful city of San Diego. The goal of Atman hotel is to allow Californians to experience the magnificence of India without having to travel across the world. Atman hotel reflects the liveliness of the culture of India by providing a variety of entertainment intended for the whole family. The target audience for Atman are adults between the ages of 30-45 in search of a memorable getaway to unwind by themselves or with family.
The color palette of Atman is warm and energetic. A deep burgundy is used for the logo to symbolize the amazing emotion and cultural richness of India. The Atman logo is inspired by the intricate elegance of India. The pattern for Atman is an element within the logo used for the letter “t”; the spiral-like design with a dot is inspired by the elaborate designs of henna tattoos which are a major part of the culture. The stationary for Atman compliments the graceful shapes of India architecture.
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