Radicondoli Honey is an organic honey packaging for the small tuscan town Radicondoli, Italy. Organic honey is just one of the many ‘farm to table’ foods which are naturally grown within the town. Radicondoli is a simplistic rural town with a beautiful natural landscape; however, due to the low population, the town is suffering financially. Hence, the purpose of the project is to suppot Radicondoli and allow the town to become more known through design. 
The overall branding of the organic honey bottles are suttle and exert a timeless apothecary style, in relation to Radicondoli, which is filled with historic architecture. The colors used for the packaging reflect the large fields of green found within Radicondoli, Italy. In order to truly capture the essence of the magnificant town of Radicondoli, a thorough study of the people and atmosphere of Radicondoli was done.
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